DUPLEX MSpeed 450 JETI 2.4EX

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Reference : DUPLEX 2.4EX MSpeed 450

DUPLEX MSpeed 450 JETI 2.4EX

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DUPLEX MSpeed 450 JETI 2.4EX

MSPEED EX is a sensor that measures the speed of a flying model by providing the indicated airspeed)IAS=Indicated AIR Speed).

Know the speed of flight can be very informative to pilot a flying scale model, for example, the pilot to determine the stall speed of the models.

Another function of the probe is to allow the pilot to set a speed slightly higher than the stall speed and to which an acoustic signal is triggered by the transmitter module, to warn.

To facilitate the reading of the indicated airspeed, a bar graph is displayed and is configurable according to the characteristics of the models. The wind speed measurement is based on the principle of the change of the dynamic pressure, measured by total pressure (pitot tube) connected by a silicone pipe outlet.

With the help of the Duplex wireless (wireless) system, this information can be reported to the driver at the time (actual)visually and acoustically) to adapt driving accordingly.



Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions module: approx. 22x25x13mm
  • Pitot tube size: 54x3mm approx.
  • Weight (complete): 21.0 g approx.
  • Accuracy: 5 km/h
  • Range of operation: 20-450 km/h
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to + 85 °
  • Supply voltage: 3, 5-8, 4V
  • Average current consumption: 10mA



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