SUPER NYLON 9 X 6 Graupner propellers

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Reference : Hélices SUPER NYLON 8x6

SUPER NYLON 9 X 6 Graupner propellers

9 X 6 / 23 X 15


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SUPER NYLON 9 X 6 Graupner propellers


SUPER NYLON propellers
Carried out glass fibre reinforced nylon.
Flawless execution. Neutral color. To facilitate your choice of propellers, values
approached are indicated for each engine.


For large and high performance engines, propeller SUPER NYLON weight limit can sometimes be achieved or even exceeded. For reasons of safety, it is then recommended to use for example wooden propellers. The speed of the circumference taken at the end of the blades is a benchmark value. It shall not exceed the value of 180 m/s. The maximum number of revolutions of the propeller which is linked thus depends on the diameter of the propeller and can be calculated by the following formula: constant number (includes the limit value) 3438: diameter of the propeller in metres. Example for a propeller with a diameter of 28 cm: 3438:0, 28 = 12279 RPM. This load limit depends on other factors, such as e.g. vibrations of the engine of the high-rise during an incorrect mounting or other however and can thus be shifted towardsthe bottom. The propellers must be mounted at the centre of the motor shaft and with the least possible. If it is necessary, use the spacer of the No. 198. If we want to keep their good qualities of resistance to the SUPER NYLON propellers, should also ensure that equipment is not deprived of its water content that is about 2 to 3%. It is therefore preferable to avoid storage in dry places and close to hot radiators. A lack of moisture can be offset by short sterilization or by depositing the propeller in the water normally tempered for several days. In addition, measures of precautions-tion usually in force for the handling of propellers must be observed! Never stand in the rotational plane of the propeller! Don't be reservir any damaged propeller!

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Ø 23 cm



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